Read ✓ Playing With Fire By Cassandra Bella –

Read ✓ Playing With Fire  By Cassandra Bella –
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  • Playing With Fire
  • Cassandra Bella
  • English
  • 05 June 2019

Playing With Fire At The Tender Age Of Eighteen, Jessie Bacelli Learned The Truth Of Evil After The Murder Of Her Father, Jessie Steps In To Take Care Of Her Younger Sister, Annie, While Following In Her Father S Footsteps And Becoming An Agent For The Federal Bureau Of Investigation Dedicating Her Career To Bringing Down Luther Rabago, The Man Responsible For Her Father S Death, She Doesn T Have Time For Distractions In Her Life Especially When They Are As Handsomely Annoying As Fellow Agent, Alec Chambers.But Then Jessie Is Faced With The Worst Horror Of Her Life Luther Rabago Has Taken Her Sister, Annie, And Initiates A Dark Game Of Cat And Mouse That Stretches From The Streets Of Downtown Denver To The Heart Of The French Quarter In New Orleans Partnered With Alec, Jessie Finds Herself Battling Not Only Her Fear For Her Little Sister, But Her Attraction To A Man That Is Everything She Swore Long Ago She Would Never Allow In Her Life And As The Flames Ignite Around Them, Jessie Realizes She Very Well Might Lose Than She Ever Imagined.

About the Author: Cassandra Bella

Born to Write Love StoriesCassandra Bella believes it wasn t just the fact that she was born the day before Valentine s that she was fated to write romance Intrigued by deep emotions that touch the heart and that special spark of falling in love, she enjoys creating stories and characters that leave her readers with a smile on their face and a tear in their eye.Cassandra has been writing for as l

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    I m torn between a 3.5 and a 3.7 3.5 being the average rating I am prone to giving a book I liked While the book was good, It is not one that will stick in my mind I would recommend to suspense readers though Oh Also, I must mention the title and cover are gorgeous and adequately fit the story line and characters This book is a mixture of Suspense and contemporary with strong elements of romance The book is told in third person points of view, alternating the focus on several different characters The novel focused predominately on Jessie and Alec with small sections focusing on Annie, Rabago villain , Brett father s partner , and even the father in the first chapter I thought this book worked nice in 3rd person, since there was still that focus on Alec and Jessie and their emotions I did not feel as connected to them as if the novel had been told in 1st person, but as a suspense novel, sometimes it is better being able to view the story from the outside while the detectives are chasing leads and introducing info to the case It makes the story a bit fast paced than if it were in 1st person That being said, the book was not particularly fast paced, which made sense since detectives do not solve cases and find missing person s in one day as they do on crime shows That made that aspect a little believable I like that we come into the book with the two main characters having a small working knowledge of each other even if their prospective opinions are...

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    Review of Playing With Fire by Cassandra Bella I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I was drawn in to the story from the start Chapters One through Four set the stage, providing the back story for the heroine s motivation I actually liked this technique as it helped you to feel the pain and relate to Jessie s determination to avenge her father s killer, rather than thrusting the reader into present day with only a passing reference to Jessie s motivation The remainder of the story focused on Jessie s quest, following in her father s footsteps as a federal agent, to bring down the entire criminal enterprise of the man who murdered her father in the line of duty This becomes very personal, as the killer is determined to take down Jessie as well, along with anyone that is important to her When the villain kidnaps Jessie s sister, she is partnered with her FBI rival, the confident and good looking Alec, who both frustrates and thrills Jessie There is definitely a love hate relationship between these two and plenty of sexual tension, as they work together to find Jessie s sister and take down a killer Jessie is a complex character, thrust into a lot of responsibility at a young age, raising her sister, caring for her mother who is very emotionally needy, and establishing her career as a federal agent This leaves her very little time for relationships and explains her confusion over her feelings for Alec Overall, t...

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    Playing With Fire by Cassandra BellaReview done by Cassandra BrookerI give this 3 stars.I received an ARC for an honest review.It started off kind of slow for me and it was confusing I didn t know where this was going but I kept reading We meet Alec who is cocky and gets shot He thinks he is dyeing but I guess fate wants to intervene.He meets Jessie and she is not happy about her partner He is good looking but that is all he has going for him He wants Jessie and Jessie wants her sister back home safe.I liked that the book went from Denver to New Orleans and the French quarter which I love Jessie got thrown into a lot of reasonability after her father was murdered but I don t think she would take it back for a second She is taking care of her sister and making money I like that Jessie is doing what she needs to help her sister out.The book moved slow for me and I did not finish this book, it just didn t grab me and pull me...

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    This book was a gift in exchange for a fair and honest review.This story begins with the murder of Jessie and Anna s father and the aftermath.It then moves forward to the present where Jessie is an FBI Agent working under her late father s partner, Brett Her entire focus is on bring down anything and anyone connected with Luther Rabago who executed her father She is succeeding at that too well in fact.Luther on the other hand is tired of things going awry and has decided it s time to do away with the Bacelli sisters In order to get them both he kidnap...

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    I m usually hesitant to read romance novels because they can get too cheesy describing sex I m always reminded of the guidance counselor in 10 Things I Hate about You and her repeated references to his turgid member eye roll However, I love crime stories This book is a whirlwind ride with just the right amount of crime, reveng...

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    Annie and Alec both work for the FBI Annie s father was an agent for the FBI, too Her dad was murdered while working a case when Annie was getting ready to graduate high school Annie stepped into her dad s shoes to raise her little sister, take care of her helpless mother financially, to work for the FBI and go after the man who killed her father But, this murderer was one step ahead of her Murder, mystery, suspense and love sum up the book for me Annie is...

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    Playing with Fire is a fast paced, entertaining romantic suspense novel The heroine, Jessie Bacelli, an FBI agent, is focused on taking down the man who orchestrated her father s murder When she begins to get too close, the criminal she is chasing ups the ante by kidnapping her sister She has to work with a fellow FBI agent, Alec, to save her sister and avenge her father.I liked that all of this was set up very early in the book The author was able to create well developed characters quickly, which got me invested in the story right off the bat Jessie is a strong an...

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    When Jessie loses her father as a teenager she vows to raise her younger sister and work to one day take revenge on the man who killed her father in cold blood She follows in her father s footsteps to become a Federal Agent in order to make life difficult for the evil Rabago But when he kidnaps her sister it becomes a cat and...

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    I enjoyed Playing with Fire by Cassandra Bella very much If you are a mystery adventure lover with a little sexual tension mixed in, this is the book for you Ms Bella does a very good job of mixing the action of the crime, chasing down the bad guys, and the will they or won t they sexual game being played by the main characters The basic premise is revenge for a father s murder, with a kidnapped sister added in The female lead character spends most of th...

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    Cassandra Bella s Playing with Fire was a wonderful book This is the second one of hers I have read and again I wasn t disappointed The book opens with the tragic death of Jessie s, the main character s, dad Which lea...

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