[EPUB] ✶ Wrongful Death ✻ Stephen Davis – Gasengineersinglasgow.co.uk

[EPUB] ✶ Wrongful Death  ✻ Stephen  Davis – Gasengineersinglasgow.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • 392 pages
  • Wrongful Death
  • Stephen Davis
  • English
  • 24 March 2017

Wrongful Death If You Like Courtroom Drama In The Style Of John Grisham, You Ll Want To Read This Book If You Ever Knew Someone With AIDS Or HIV, You Need To Read This Book If You Still Believe The Government And The FDA Are Protecting You Against Deadly Diseases And Dangerous Drugs, You Must Read This Book WRONGFUL DEATH The AIDS Trial Is A Work Of Fiction Based On Fact The True Story Behind The Government Lies And Incompetence, Gross Medical Malpractice, And Unbridled Greed By A Drug Company That Caused Our American AIDS Epidemic And Cost , Lives In Just Ten YearsFollow Along With Attorney Benjamin Messick And Health Reporter Sarah Meadows In This Class Action Lawsuit As They Expose The Man Who Claims To Have Discovered The Cause Of AIDS, Dr Robert Gallo Dr Gallo Announced To The World At A Press Conference On April , That A Virus Later To Be Called HIV Was The Culprit Unfortunately, Dr Gallo S Peers Were Never Given The Chance To Prove His Theories, And Still Can T To This Day In The Last Twenty Years, Dr Gallo Has Been Exposed As Nothing Than A Common Criminal, A Thief, And A Liar He Finally Admitted He Had Stolen The AIDS Virus From A French Researcher He Also Stole Another Virus From The Japanese He Lied On His Patent Application For The HIV Blood Test A Congressional Investigation Found Dr Gallo Guilty Of Intellectual Recklessness Of A High Degree, And The Office Of Research Integrity Of The Department Of Health And Human Services Found Dr Gallo Guilty Of Scientific Misconduct And Called Some Of Dr Gallo S Key AIDS Research, Of Dubious Scientific Merit And Really Crazy As One German Scientist Put It, Dr Gallo Is An American Scientific Gangster Who Has Committed So Many Crass, Self Aggrandizing Blunders That He Could Not Really Be Relied Upon To Tell The Time Correctly Attorney Messick Questions A Number Of Witnesses Who All Agree With Of The World S Leading Doctors And Medical Researchers Today, Including Nobel Prize Winners In Chemistry And Medicine And Members Of The US National Academy Of Sciences, That HIV Cannot Cause AIDS At The End Of The Book You Ll Find Out What Actually DOES Cause AIDSThe Testimony In This Court Case Finally Discloses That In The Decade From To , Three Hundred Thousand Americans Mostly Homosexual Men Died NOT From Some Horrible Disease They Caught From A Virus, But As A Result Of Taking The Very Drug They Were Told Would Cure Them Urged On By Their Doctors, Parents, Families And Loved Ones, These HIV Positives Took AZT, A Drug Originally Designed And Created In To Kill Cancer Cells, But Never Approved Because It Was Found To Be Far Too Toxic To A Human BodyRead The Testimony Of Witness After Witness All Based On Over Actual Medical And Scientific Research Papers And Reports That When The FDA Finally Approved AZT For The Treatment Of AIDS In , It Began Causing Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome And Every Person Who Took It Healthy Or Not At The Time Would Die Within Three Years From One Of Many Different Opportunistic Diseases Be Prepared For The Anger And Outrage You Will Feel When You Realize That Hundreds Of Thousands Of Innocent Women And Children Are Still Being Murdered Today In Africa With AZT, Simply Because They Have Been Declared To Be HIV Positive, While The Drug Company Rakes In Billions Of Dollars In ProfitsThe Question Remains After Years And Billion Dollars, Why Don T We Have A Cure Or A Vaccine For AIDS The Witnesses In This Court Case Provide The Only Answer That Makes Any Sense We Have The Wrong Cause I Enjoyed The Book It Read Like A Cross Between A John Grisham Legal Thriller And An Informative Scientific Treatise On AIDS D

About the Author: Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis is a former Arizona State Senator and Physician Assistant who has researching the HIV AIDS controversy since the mid 1990s He currently lives in Ibiza, Spain Librarians note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.

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    This book was fantastic from start to finish The writing superb, the factions fact fiction were on point honestly making you stop and take pause and ask IF it really could be As a believer in conspiracies and cover ups, the author had me and I was a believer I would recommend this book all day long to anyone who wants a great, entertaining and cerbrally stimulating read Attorney s Messick and Baker were my favorites, even Attorney Crawley, at the end became someone I could respect Dr Gallo no words for this assbite Sarah the reporter, still didn t like her even after her revelation and epiphany Again, wonderful read Thank you Stephen Davis for this offering

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    Wow So Amazing in detail and research I am near speechless This book, a fictional storyline, based upon real events and data, has opened my eyes even than they have been regarding allopathic medicine As a retired LPN of 40 years who truly never knew that graft and corruption are pervasive in many areas of health care until 11 years ago I am absolutely flabbergasted to read this novel regarding of human egos and Pharmaceuticals companies ever increasing strongholds over people s lives The author has taken an emotional topic and crafted a can t put it down medical legal drama that is Very, if not totally, believable Especially from a microbiology point of view.I am ashamed to admit that before reading this book I never once questioned why HIV serum testing is considered to be a positive result to having a disease based upon the presence of Antibodies and NOT Antigens And, as far as I have been concerned for the past 10 years, this novel has added credence to my belief that the Number One Reason as to Why health care is becoming costly and less effective each year, globally, is due to the deceits and greed of Pharmaceuticals Companies.Thank you Mr Davis, for all of the time and energy you invested in bringing this book to life.I shall recommend it to many of my medical professionals friends.

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    Unfortunately, I can t criticise the writing style of this book or it would have had one star This book is like a car crash, you want to tear yourself away but you need to know how it ends This book is a completely biased, fictional load of tripe Worryingly, as other reviews show, it is being taken seriously by people and will therefore lead to people harming their own health and that of others The author does not present any supporting evidence for his claim and the fact that the defence counsel fails to put up any kind of fight is indicative of his bias I definitely would not recommend this to anyone.

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    This is a very interesting book Dialogue driven with very little description I liked the format, and the way the author treated the reader as the jury As things got too technical in the trial for the jury , the prosecutor s redirected I enjoy conspiracy theories for what they are Fun little things that may or may not be true, and I appreciate the conversation these theories can create I think it is very dangerous for people to read this book and take it as fact It is obvious research as been done, but taking your opinion from a book is not recommended It does what great books do opens the dialogue so the truth whatever it is can come out.

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    By the same man that wrote Are You Positive , the book makes its case in a fiction wrongful death suit of the original AIDS victims that took the black box FDA drugs Thought provoking, it made me stop and think about our pharmaceutical industry and it s motives Plan on spending a couple hours on the internet googling facts and info and being a little dumbfounded From what I could tell, quite a bit of info checked out, but I m no doctor or biologist, so you ll have to read for yourself.

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    An excellent read Very informative in its fact full content What worries me is that AZT is still given to HIV positive people here in the UK low dosage and definitely in Africa mainly given to expectant women and children What is the safe dosage What do they mean by low dosage Shouldn t it be banned totally if it destroys hundreds or even thousands of Healthy T cells in order to kill a single HIV infected cell Have I got this wrong

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    This book was fascinating I read real life court cases a lot as a former law student, and this one put into a fictional context made it impossible to put down There are characters you totally hate and others you have complete empathy for This is a must read for anyone who has lost someone in their life to this horrible disease and asks why

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    This book was another free one from my Kindle It looked really interesting Though I m just starting to read it, I already do not want to put it down I like how it doesn t just use medical or legal jargon It explains terms I can t wait to get further into it

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    Love when a free Kindle book turns out to be amazing It was a great read So informative I like how the author just laid the info out for one to decide and do with it what they will like in a real jury

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    This was a very interesting read If you have ever known anyone who has died from AIDS, it will inspire you to do some research If not, it will at least make you wonder if the government is always looking out for our best interest At the very least you will find it a compelling read.

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